iRecruit has signed a preferred partner agreement with some of the leading media in the EU. This agreement is the foundation for the unique affiliate recruitment strategy.  You will find selected media partners in iRecruit’s affiliate network on the list below.

If your would like to be part of the biggest network with the common goal to

“Improve health through research”

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Netdoktor is the biggest online health portal in Scandinavia. An analysis shows that 87% of all Danes above the age of 18, look for information about health and diseases on the internet and that 67% of all adult Danes are visiting (Source: The Nielsen Company 2010).
Therefore, it can be concluded that most Danes prefer to find information about health and diseases on the internet and often go to Netdoktor to do so.


Healthpanel Global

The Healthpanel Global is one of the biggest health portals dedicated to inform patients about clinical trials and other health news. All of the health news and the information about clinical trials on the website, are written by health professionals, who are dedicated to improving health and finding new treatments for chronic diseases.


Smart Response

Smart Response is one of Scandinavia’s leading suppliers of performance based affiliate marketing. Smart Response is an expert in email marketing.