Who we are

We are a team of highly experienced health professionals within the area of patient recruitment and retention.

The founder of iRecruit, Rasmus Hogreffe, has managed to gather people with an optimal combination of experience and education, which merges innovation, drive and facts. This team has more than 15 years of experience in the industry of recruiting patients for clinical trials. We have created a tailored solution for patient recruitment by composing a unique affiliate patient recruitment network, which ensures high quality and fast recruitment. Our qualified clinical team includes: Medical doctors, medical market access, social media experts and marketing professionals


Using transparent, honest and cost-effective solutions combined with a competent network of top-performing media partners, iRecruit envisions itself to be the preferred partner in patient recruitment for clinical trials throughout the world.



Our mission is to improve health through research and thereby find new and better treatments for children and adults.



iRecruit partly works through a humanitarian business model. For each patient, successfully recruited, we donate an amount of our earnings to a relevant patient organization. We are well aware about the fact that we could never achieve our goal of improving health throughout the world without the participation of patients in clinical trials, therefore, it is essential for the existence of iRecruit that we generate an income for the patient organization and thereby combine our forces in improving through research.


Welcome to iRecruit – Intelligent Driven Patient Recruitment and Retention

Rasmus Hogreffe

Founder & Director of Business Development, MSc. Medicine & Patient Recruitment Specialist

+45 26 25 24 10

Rasmus can be described as an energetic and hard working person with a passion for every aspect of clinical trials, innovation as well as science. Rasmus’ has a master in medical science but also has a great passion for organizational and strategic issues.
Rasmus graduated from Aalborg University in 2011 with a master in Medicine with Industrial Specialization. After graduating, Rasmus was employed as project manager at CCBR – Clinical Research. His responsibilities at the job were broad, both covering patient recruitment, project management assignments and medical market access.

Qualifications: Patient recruitment, project management, medical market access, business development, marketing, health economy and economy analysis.

Mie Feldborg Johansen

Communications Manager & Adwords Specialist

+45 7199 2214

Sophie Træde Andersen

Communications Manager & Social Media Specialist

+45 7199 2214

Caroline Nørgaard-Pedersen

Medical Writer

+45 7199 2214

Andreas Smed

Medical Writer

+45 7199 2214